Livin The Good Jazz Life

Suzanne Carroll chillin with the new Art Tatum Celebration Column just prior to the dedication September 11, 2009.  Artist and creator Cork Marcheschi looks on.

Internationally acclaimed artist Cork Marcheschi in front of his historic creation in Downtown Toledo. The Art Tatum Celebration Column.

The nighttime lighting on The Art Tatum Memorial is spectacular! It's located at the entrance to the new Lucas County multipurpose Arena, Downtown Toledo.

The legendary Jon Hendricks being interviewed by our local media during the dedication ceremony event for The Art Tatum Memorial September 11, 2009

Having so much fun interviewing Ann Hampton Callaway backstage at
The Valentine Theater - Toledo - September 11, 2009

One of the thousands of beautiful sunrises I have witnessed on my drive into the studio on Sunday mornings!

Ann Hampton Callaway and Suzanne Carroll finding something very funny after Ann's performance at The Valentine Theater September 11, 2009

Suzanne Carroll with one of her favorite jazz vocalists Ann Hampton Callaway at The Valentine Theater in Toledo, Ohio  September 11, 2009

Tim Tierderman, musical director
for The Sunset Jazz Festival jamming with drummer
Scott Kretzer at the festival

Ellen Noneman of Toledo &
friend enjoy the music at The River Raisin Jazz Festival
Monroe, Michigan August 2009

Suzanne with Georgeann Kohn
and Joyce Bannoura at The River Raisin Jazz Festival '09

Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons on stage at The River Raisin
Jazz Festival '09

Anna Givens and The Murphy's on stage at The Sunset Jazz Festival
Grand Rapids, Ohio - August 2009

Great crowd at The
Sunset Jazz Festival '09

Some young jazz fans having a blast at The Sunset Jazz Festival '09

Queenie" Helene Cramer, Casey Haley, Marty Greenburg, and Suzanne hanging out between sets at Degage Jazz Cafe in Maumee

The legendary Jon Hendricks on stage at Murphy's Place celebrating his 88th birthday - September '09

Sound Element from Detroit
on stage at Jazzin Tiffin
September 2009

A wonderful crowd enjoyed
the first annual Jazzin
Tiffin jazz festival!

Mark Keiswetter, Ron Oswanski, Marty Greenberg, Ben Janson, and Scott Kretzer after finishing a hot set at Murphy's Place Toledo September 2009

Winard Harper hanging out
with David "Fathead" Newman between sets at Murphy's Place
September 2004

Suzanne in front of the world famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in downtown London with a friend

Winard Harper on stage with
David Newman at Murphy's Place
September 2004